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Valentines for Spoonies, Part Three

When I was young, I hated Valentine’s Day. I was never a hearts-and-flowers person. I was a Depressed-Cynical-Black-Leather-Jacket person. Then I had a boyfriend who hated Valentine’s Day even more than I did, and suddenly I wanted the cheesiest cards and the tackiest flowers. It’s weird how that works.

I started making these illness valentines in 2018. They were so much fun to make that I planned to do nine or ten and possibly turn them into real greeting cards.

I made a few more in 2019. Then came 2020—the first part I spent cowering in my apartment, glued to the TV news and hiding from the constant ambulance sirens (you probably remember New York City was one of the original COVID hotspots).

The second half of 2020 was spent trying to get out of said apartment after finding toxic mold. Early 2021 was spent in PTSD Mode, staring at the walls of my new place, reading emails about how my furniture deliveries were experiencing pandemic delays (I had to get rid of almost all my possessions from the Mold Palace and start over).

But this year I feel a little calmer, most (but not all!) of the delayed furniture has arrived, and I’ve been out of the Mold Palace for a year.

Anyway, here is a new spoonie valentine.

I unfortunately have spent way too much money on high-end air purifiers. My apartment should feel like I’m at a ski resort breathing in clean mountain air at this point (it doesn’t—too much traffic and pollution outside).

These are the Valentines from 2018:

Hearts with spoonie valentine messages

And these are the ones from 2019:

valentnes for Spoonies Part two
Valentines for spoonies part two

And finally, here is my first COVID one! Hopefully I won’t need to do a lot of these!

Covid valentine

I wish everyone a great Valentine’s Day. 💚❤️💜💙

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Hi! I'm Vicki. My blog is called "Miss Diagnoses" because I have too many diagnoses and because my Lyme disease was misdiagnosed for many years. In addition to being a professional patient, I'm a compulsive reader and doodler. Sadly, my writing and drawing are limited by repetitive strain injury and neuropathy. I use assistive technology, but I can't post as often as I'd like. You can also find me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and I have two short cartoon videos on YouTube. Twitter and Instagram: @miss_diagnoses Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube: @MissDiagnoses

4 thoughts on “Valentines for Spoonies, Part Three

  1. Oh wow dear Vicky, those were so bang on and awesome! I crashed tonight after I had set up a nice romantic table for the take out sushi my hubby brought back. I wanted to check my blood pressure and while I asked he joked that it must be because my love for him makes my heart pitter patter. And then we went and read all your Valentines lol we both got a kick out of them cause in an those years together (10.5) we’ve gone through almost all of those (not covid thankfully).
    Glad to see you are bouncing back and are out of the awful moldy place. I have 4 MCS grade air purifier, no it’s not money wasted. My sensitivity improved thanks to them and keep me on in winter when we can’t enjoy fresh air (we now live on 10 acres of forest). Cheers

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