Fifty Shades of Brin Fog Part Four header

Fifty Shades of Brain Fog, Part Four

Hi spoonies! The fog is back! 

I didn’t think I was going to do this many brain fog cartoons, but my life keeps giving me new examples as I wander around in a confused state, trying to avoid bumping into things.  I hope you will enjoy Part Four! Please also check out Part One,  Part Two, and Part Three.

I  wander into different rooms in my house and never remember why I went into each room. Anyone else?

Woman wanders from room to room without remembering why she is there

You know when you just can’t remember the name of something? Here is a never-before-seen game show.

Brain fog jeopardy game show

(I have never actually watched Jeopardy—Alan from the excellent Alan’s Album Archives gave me this idea. Check out his great blog about music of the ‘60s and ‘70s.)

I was not good with computers before I got Lyme disease. Now I am completely lost.

cartoon of computer guy trying to explain something and it sounds like gibberish

And finally, it’s always fun when you run into random people and you have no idea who they are.

People trying to remember names when they run into each other

That’s all for now! Wishing everyone a low-fog, low-symptom day/week/month. 💚💜💛💙 As always, feel free to submit your brain fog stories in the comments. I’ll link to your blog, website, or social media if I turn them into a cartoon.😃



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Miss Diagnoses

Hi! I'm Vicki. My blog is called "Miss Diagnoses" because I have too many diagnoses and because my Lyme disease was misdiagnosed for many years. In addition to being a professional patient, I'm a compulsive reader and doodler. Sadly, my writing and drawing are limited by repetitive strain injury and neuropathy. I use assistive technology, but I can't post as often as I'd like. You can also find me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and I have two short cartoon videos on YouTube. Twitter and Instagram: @miss_diagnoses Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube: @MissDiagnoses

2 thoughts on “Fifty Shades of Brain Fog, Part Four

  1. Thanks for the comic strips. #relatable
    I’m sorry your brain fog is that bad. 😦 I used to have meds that made me just as bad so I get it. Now fortunately it’s only real bad when I have an energy crash. The brain fog first shows up as an inability to understand complex sentences or ideas. It creates a traffic jam in my head 🚗 🚸. Then it shows up as an inability to talk or string words together. Lol so pointing at things and grunting approval or not has become our way of communicating in such moments and that’s why I especially relate to the jeopardy strip 😂 Keep up the good work and rest well.

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