Guest post for the Hypothyroid Mom: ADD or Hashimoto’s Brain Fog?

I was very honored to be asked to do a guest post for the Hypothyroid Mom. If you are not familiar with this wonderful website, it is an incredible resource for all those who suffer with hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis (the autoimmune disease that is the number one cause of hypothyroidism).

Anyway, before I had brain fog from Lyme disease, I had brain fog from Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. (Yes, it’s VERY foggy in here.) At one point I was even given ADD medication for my brain fog. That didn’t go so well. You can read my super-foggy story at the Hypothyroid Mom’s site.

Also, the Hashimoto’s Institute, an excellent and informative series of free (yay, free) online presentations about Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, is going on this week. There will be 28 presentations by top thyroid experts, and replays for each presentation. So far, I’m learning plenty (even with my brain fog), and it’s only day two.

Click here to check it out.

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Hi! I'm Vicki. My blog is called "Miss Diagnoses" because I have too many diagnoses and because my Lyme disease was misdiagnosed for many years. In addition to being a professional patient, I'm a compulsive reader and doodler. Sadly, my writing and drawing are limited by repetitive strain injury and neuropathy. I use assistive technology, but I can't post as often as I'd like. You can also find me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and I have two short cartoon videos on YouTube. Twitter and Instagram: @miss_diagnoses Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube: @MissDiagnoses

2 thoughts on “Guest post for the Hypothyroid Mom: ADD or Hashimoto’s Brain Fog?

  1. My sister died from hyperparathyroidism, after looking at your site, I researched her condition much deeper. Recently got back on insurance, and reported to my doctor her death. Going to go to doctor next week, and be more forceful in my desire he check me for hyperparathyroidism. Thanks for your site, it made me research deeper, and realize I have signs that need to be addressed properly. In my research, I found my sister might have been sick 20 years, never saw a doctor to complain, them bam it all over. Once again, in my life, a random choice, gives me a chance to choose a better path for me. The random path is running into your site, god of my understanding is at work again, and so is your site.


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